Corporate Social Responsibility

Film Festival April 2023,

by : Tunku Abdul Rahman, University of Management & Technology, Participating as the Title Sponsor for Tunku Abdul Rahman university of Management and Technology (TARUMT)- Film Festival 2023 is one of another way Perfect Companion Malaysia meets our commitments to give back to the community. We are proud to witness the creativity and high quality of works by the student groups; with our sharing in real-life job experiences shall bring them to another milestone in future. Click for more info at  Perfect Companion Malaysia LinkedIn


TOTAL PET FOOD WORTH RM24,600 has been raised and donated to PAWS Animal Welfare and Society!

With the great effort, support and partnership of Perfect Companion Malaysia and DiTP (Department of International Trade & Promotion of Thailand Embassy) in the past Think Thailand Pet Fair, amount of 910kg pet food product in the value worth of RM12,300 been raised through public donation. The donation drive was held during 12 days of Think Thailand Pet Fair, that located at Tropicana Gardens Mall on 19/Julai/2023 until 30/Julai/2023.

Not to stop there, Perfect Companion Malaysia extended the donation by double up number from 910kg to 1,820kg in the worth of total value RM24,600 through their <Adoption Drive Campaign – You Donate, We match>.

Fur-A-Thon exclusively at Design Village Mall, Batu Kawan! A special event for our furry friends organised by Majlis Pembandaran Seberang Perai (MBSP).
Date: 30 September 2023 (Sabtu)
Location : Design Village Outlet Mall (near Skechers Outlet).
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