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Singing Bird : Enhanced Immunity & Reduce Stress

Essential Benefits:

  • Improve immunity and health
  • Supplement natural voice enhancers
  • High in Protein & Rich in Essential Amino Acids


Pack Size and Recommended Selling Price:
100gm – RM2.30 (inclusive 6{fd2c53a186a988853cc352a632d494a481bd13e303c8cdc7d5069e2461d8f605} GST)


Nutritional composition

Crude Protein – min 22{fd2c53a186a988853cc352a632d494a481bd13e303c8cdc7d5069e2461d8f605}
Crude Fat – min 6{fd2c53a186a988853cc352a632d494a481bd13e303c8cdc7d5069e2461d8f605}
Crude Fibre – max 6{fd2c53a186a988853cc352a632d494a481bd13e303c8cdc7d5069e2461d8f605}
Moisture – max 10{fd2c53a186a988853cc352a632d494a481bd13e303c8cdc7d5069e2461d8f605}


Corn, Broken Rice, Full Fat Soybean, Dried Whole Egg, Vegetable Oil, Vitamins and Minerals, Food Coloring, Antioxidants, Vitamin C1.